Covid-19: South Africa Condemns Lockdown Extension

South Africa Condemns Lockdown

South Africa Condemns Lockdown Extension: The country has been on lockdown as several other countries, The lockdown was almost due to be lifted in a week.

However, the president, Cyril Ramophosa said that the lockdown might be extended. The extension may happen because it is proven that it’s limiting the spread of the virus.

South Africa was proactive and fast to begin tackling the virus, the government sends out identified health workers to conduct a door-to-door screening.

While addressing the nation via television, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the decision to extend the lockdown has not been taken lightly.

“I have to request that South Africans prepare to make greater sacrifices so that our dear country survives this public health crisis. If this adheres then, tens of thousands of lives may be saved, Cyril said.

The president also announced that senior political members in the country will donate a third of their monthly income. The donation is meant to assist those who are affected by the coronavirus. He also urges business leaders to do the same.

So far, South Africans have 1,934 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 18 deaths.

SMNaija reports that South African’s lockdown restrictions are extremely strict, they include no dog walking, no sales of cigarette or alcohol, no jogging in public, no gathering in public places, no leaving home except for essential trip. With all these exist a heavy fine and jail term for lawbreakers.

South Africa condemns lockdown extension while the president moves for further testing to be sure the virus isn’t spreading undetected. The lockdown extension decision until the end of April will create an opportunity for economic disaster


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