Dear Guys, Here Is How You Can Break Out From The Friend Zone




A lot of guys dread the “Friend zone” and “Bro zone”. It’s heartbreaking when the girl you are head over heels in love with doesn’t see you as a potential lover.

You listen to her rant about how bad her boyfriend treats her or how her crush isn’t paying much attention to her. The urge to shut her up and tell her about your feelings are there but how do you go about it?

How do you escape this dreadful friend zone or bro zone? Oh well, here are few tips;

Let her know your intentions

A lot of guys get zoned because they hardly make their intentions known to the lady they are head over heels in love with and would have to be more than friends. Honestly, ladies are color blind. The concept of “green lightis so alien to them. You can’t keep being mute and expect her to know how much you want to be with her. Put it out there – “Babe, I love and adore you. Be my woman” Simple!

Don’t be scared of rejection

Fear of rejection has made a lot of guys keep their feelings to themselves. The earlier you realize that rejection is part of relationships, the better for you. Everything is life involves risk, trial, and error. If you keep being scared of rejection, you might as well miss being accepted. You never know what is at the other end of the road until you try. And if it doesn’t work out, dust yourself and move on. There are plenty of fishes in the river.

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Stop being too available!

If you look at it critically, nice guys are more likely to be friend-zoned or brother zoned. The reason is simple. They are always available! They are too nice and can’t say no to a lady’s request even if it is not favorable to them. If you are always being there for them, they will get used to it and take it for granted. A little on and off will be better. Don’t be scared to tell them how you feel about something. If you cannot grant their request, tell them straight up. Don’t always be there. Sometimes, make them put effort to realize your worth.

Are you currently chilling in a lady’s friend zone or bro zone? Try these tips and thank me later.



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