How Young Nigerian Man Became VP Osinbajo’s Shoemaker

How Young Nigerian Man Became VP Osinbajo's Shoemaker

A young Nigerian man identified on Twitter as @Ojbest5 has become VP Osinbajo’s shoemaker. In his post to the vice president, the young man showcased some of the shoes he made and offered to be Osinbajoโ€™s shoemaker.

The man also told the vice president that he will like to meet him and show him the kind of shoes he makes. Weeks after his initial tweet, Osinbajo sent delegates to inspect his shop and take a look at his products.

VP Yemi Osinbajo Supports Man's Shoe Business, Sends him Delegates

Reacting, the Nigerian man said he feels overjoyed that Yemi Osibanjo would respond to his Twitter post.

According to @Ojbest5, there were long conversations between him and the representatives as he said a “lot of promising things are coming” his way.
This was the initial tweet that got the VP’s attention;

Congratulations to the young man!


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