Why Gossip Is Worse Than COVID19 – Pope Francis Reveals




The head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, Pope Francis on Sunday, September 6th, described the act of gossip as “a plague worse than Coronavirus”. According to him, gossip was starting to divide the Catholic Church.

He went on to say that the devil is the “biggest gossiper” who is seeking to divide the church with his lies. In his words;

Please brothers and sisters, let’s try to not gossip,” he said. “Gossip is a plague worse than COVID. Worse. Let’s make a big effort: No gossiping!”

Why Gossip Is Worse Than COVID19 - Pope Francis Reveals

These comments from Pope Francis were meant to elaborate on a Gospel passage about the need to correct others privately when they do something wrong. 

The pope is known for correcting erring priests and bishop in private rather than making it public. However, survivors of sexual violence said that this form of correction has allowed abuse to worsen in the church and let both predator priests and superiors who covered up for them escape punishment.

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